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TREATMENT / Footstep study

Treatments in Madrid for Footstep study

In all sports it is essential to have your feet prepared to perform at their best.

Our feet are what propel us and move us at a certain speed depending on the sporting discipline we do, whether running, jumping or simply walking. Performing a footprint study in both athletes and non-athletes is always an advantage to prevent injuries and draw conclusions that we can improve our feet.

These studies in our clinic are carried out by high-level sports podiatrists with international sports experience who will put themselves in your shoes and perfectly understand what you need. The most modern techniques are used with cutting-edge computerized technology, but without forgetting the classic and manual study testing each and every one of the joints of the foot, knee and hip.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have these professionals in their clinics. It is curious that when we carry out footfall studies, after the countless tests we perform on athletes, we find many deficiencies in the intrinsic musculature of the foot. That is why we attach great importance to performing exercises to maximize momentum capabilities in running and jumping, increasing sports performance. And of course the basic tools that only podiatrists can offer, the prescription of personalized insoles.

Having trained feet or not, increases or decreases our performance and solves many pathologies.