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TREATMENT / Custom templates

Treatments in Madrid for Custom templates

For some time now, many podiatric material brands have offered prefabricated podiatric insoles to the market. When we talk about prefabricated we are referring to pieces created under always identical patterns made without being taken from the exact mold of the patient’s foot. They are templates manufactured in bulk that can hardly be correctly attached to the patient’s pathology, although it is possible to add pieces so that this template has certain characteristics.

These types of insoles can never be the same as those made by hand under a mold taken exactly from the patient’s foot and of course from our point of view, they should never be charged the same price as an insole made by hand by an orthopedist or a chiropodist.

Neither the time spent, nor the quality, much less the effectiveness of the treatment, is the same in a prefabricated insole as in a handmade and personalized insole, which is why at FeetMedic we maintain the concept of manual work on the insoles with the best orthopedists. , always giving the patient the guarantee of absolute dedication.